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Has someone ever told you “Sochne se kya hota hai? (What does one achieve by thinking?)”? Well I’d like to tell you that sochne se sab ho jaata hai (everything can be achieved by thinking). Of course there needs to be implementation too, but thinking of something or coming up with an idea is the earliest step. Here are two stories to give you an idea of how much your mere intentions matter.

Some of my close friends know this story. This one is quite unrealistic honestly. Two years back in 9th grade, my school trust was arranging an exchange programme to Australia. Students from two of our school branches would be going. I was all up for it and gave my name. I was pretty sure that I would go since I even had the visa with me already because I had gone to Australia earlier the same year. However, because of seats being filled up early, I couldn’t go. My teacher consoled me, “Don’t worry Jiski kismat mein jahan khana khana likha hota hai, woh wahi khaata hai. (One eats where he is destined to eat.)”

Let me tell you, I was devastated to say the least. Somehow, I got completely over it in about three or so days. I was like it’s fine. I’ll try next year maybe.

On 28th July, my mum and dad ask me, “Do you want to go to Australia?” I’m like “Yeah. But what’s the point of asking now? It’s not like I could go.” 

“Actually, your mam called. She said there has been a cancellation of a student from the other branch and they’d prefer if you since you have the visa and the students leave for the trip in a week.”

And that’s the story of the most spontaneous non-road trip I’ve ever had.

Now, the other one might not be as extreme as this one. But this was just to show the potential of your intentions for something. 

I had asked a question to my English teacher during the online class. She had simply said she’d look it up and answer it later during the day. Fair enough. I moved on with my normal day. Eat lunch, study, find online quizzes, do online quizzes, find online quizzes for your sister, send her the online quizzes. You know, just the usual. But what do you do when you give your sister work to do but she is still stuck to her laptop? You ask her, cause you can’t do something else or mom will confiscate your laptop. So I ask her and she says that she didn’t get the quiz I mailed her. Guess who I sent it to?

Source: Tenor

Of course, I sent it to my English teacher. What the heck was she going to do with class 7 history quiz?

But the reply that came back on that mail was quite interesting. I’m going to quote her here because it was too interesting-in-a-slightly-freaky-way to me. She said “What a coincidence! I was looking for a way to approach you to send you the explanation for today’s query and I saw your email.

These two instances were enough to make me realise that your mind holds more power than anything you can see. Anything that you can think of or dream of or intend to will surely happen, provided you want it with all your heart. And if you think ‘sirf sochne se kya hoga? (what will happen just by thinking?)’, remember that sirf sochne shayad cheeze ho na ho, par bina soche toh bilkul nahi hongi. (you may or may not achieve something by simply thinking, but you will definitely achieve anything without thinking). 

Let me know any such thing that happened to you merely by your intention for it to happen.

P.S. Now that I was writing this, I realised how ‘filmy’ my Australia trip story sounds. But that is what it was. My wish came true merely because I thought about it and wanted it.

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