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The Evolution of My Twitter Persona

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Hey there folks! Today, we’re going to delve into my Twitter journey from being a couch potato consumer to a semi-passive, no wait, actually an active user. Yeah, you heard it right! I finally got off my lazy bum and decided to participate in the Twitterverse.

In 2022, I joined Twitter with the intention of following writing, freelancing, and productivity content creators.
However, as time passed, my usage dwindled, and my account became almost inactive. It wasn’t until this trimester that I resumed using Twitter, and my persona on the platform has since evolved to revolve around my unit and its tasks. Nowadays, most of the people I interact with are other people in the same unit. Through these experiences, I have come to realize how my persona on Twitter can change over time as I adapt to new circumstances and engage with different audiences.

In September of 2022, I found myself joining Twitter just for the sake of having another social media platform to add to my collection. Unconsciously, I was following the trend that Smith and Watson discuss in their research, where individuals are viewed as products that can be traded and marketed on various online platforms (2013:79). At the time, I wasn’t aware of the impact that Twitter would have on my online persona.

Initially, I was content with simply following writing, freelancing, and productivity content creators. However, the more I browsed through the platform, the more I started to feel hesitant about sharing my own thoughts and ideas. I was scared of what people might think of me, and I felt intimidated by the idea of being judged and criticized.

A factor that influenced the evolution of my persona on Twitter was my relationships and interactions with different audiences. As I started to engage more with users in my unit, I found that my tone and style of communication began to shift to better fit the expectations of that audience. I also started to experiment with different types of content, such as memes and gifs, to better connect with this group.

Overcoming Hesitation: How Taking the First Step Paved the Way

When I began my studies in the “Making Social Media ALM101” unit, I was apprehensive about participating in class tasks, particularly the first one – creating an about me page. However, I recognized that taking that first step was the most daunting, and I overcame my hesitation to post on Twitter. This paved the way for me to post comfortably later on in the unit.

“Hesitation Point” by Editor B (CC BY 2.0)

Now, my Twitter account primarily consists of tweets related to our class, including sharing interesting tidbits from our readings and completing unit tasks. To give you an idea, here are some examples of tweets I’ve posted, including those that showcase my key takeaways from the course.



Reflections on Persona and Authenticity

In addition to sharing my own experiences in the ALM101 Twitter space, I also want to share how this experience has impacted me. #MakingSocialMedia has opened up so many new avenues of conversation for me to explore, such as the question of whether we consciously think about how we present ourselves online each time we log in, as well as the concept of “calculated authenticity” and authenticity in general.

I’ve come to realize that no matter what we do or post online, we are always portraying a persona, and that our online persona is never the same as our true selves; it’s just a part of us. It’s interesting to note that the word “persona” comes from the Latin word “persona,” which means “mask” or “character played by an actor.” (Oxford Languages)

“Masks of Venice #4” by Chiara Marra (CC BY 2.0)


This ties in perfectly with the idea that authenticity is performative, and that no matter how we present ourselves, we are always presenting a character. It’s been an eye-opening experience to reflect on these concepts and to see how they apply to my own online presence.

Leveraging Twitter as a Networking Tool for Creating Opportunities.

In conclusion, my experience on Twitter has been a journey from being a passive consumer to becoming an active user. Looking forward, I aim to expand my engagement on the platform beyond just my unit, and leverage it as a powerful networking tool to create opportunities for myself. My ultimate goal is to transition from being a mere consumer to becoming a creator, taking full advantage of the platform’s potential.


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Images from Openverse
“Hesitation Point” by Editor B (CC BY 2.0)
“Masks of Venice #4” by Chiara Marra (CC BY 2.0)

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