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Yes. It happens. The world just doesn’t seem so colorful. Things don’t seem as magical as they used to. 

It is really easy to lose your sense of wonder in this daily grind. The world is just so big and powerful and overwhelming and there are so many better people than you out there. It is really easy not to be curious about things, even if there is so much to know.

Has everyone lost their child-like enthusiasm or it is just me?

The answer —  pretty much everyone has lost that level of enthusiasm for things.

Honestly, it’s been so long since we’ve felt like a child that we’ve forgotten what it is to be one.

Let’s revisit being a child, shall we?

What it’s like being a kid?

The first part of feeling like a kid is that you do not need to act or be very serious all the time just because you are in a bigger body than you were in earlier or have gone from distributing toffees to giving treats, does not mean you need to be serious all the time. Who are you, Severus Snape

The next trait reminds me of all the times I took restaurants and mall for granted 😭😭😭

Remember eating at your table chatting away with your family and then a small kid comes to you offering you one of the french fries. You would be lying if you say this doesn’t melt your heart. This is one of a kid’s amazing traits. They aren’t afraid to go and talk to strangers. It’s like talking to strangers, and people in general is what they live for.

As angelic as they are, they are also very persistent in what they want. And they won’t stop until they get it. Plus, they don’t have any inhibitions for things that haven’t happened yet. They won’t just decide that they’re not gonna get the remote from the shelf before they even try getting it. And even if they do have a problem getting it, they’ll put all the effort from their head to their tiny toes.

Feeling fresh and showered with memories and joy? Feeling like going back to your childhood. Well it’s not very tough.

Why be like a child?

Because you feel nice. And free from stress of the future. Duh. 


How to be a kid?

This is the easiest part. And the fun-est. Obviously.

Run in an open area and maybe even fall down

Falling down is so fun, I can’t even tell you. Sometime back, I fell down and my first reaction was to laugh, that too like a maniac. It sounds crazy, but try it. It’ll hurt less, and give you more joy.


Just jump. Up and down. Left and right. And even go to a trampoline park. Going to one is the possibly the most refreshing experience one could have. I went to one in Dubai (where my younger cousins made sure I do not sit with the elders and be a kid) and I was renewed, one could say. I felt free to do so many things. To do the epic jump on the bed that we’ve all wanted to do forever. Yeah, I really did that there. I walked on a beam and intentionally jumped down just to land in the sea of foam cubes. When was the last time you did something like that?

(you won’t believe it but it really took me whole 6 minutes to get out of the sea of foam)

Plus, jumping on a trampoline is good for your health too. So it’s a win-win 😉

Blow bubbles in your milkshake

It is literally what is written. Do it. It’s fun.

Enjoy the pleasure of a swing

Feel the wind on your face, look at the trees and imagine yourself to be in a movie. I know all of us do that.

Be with a kid

This will give the most accurate portrayal of what it is to be a kid. You’ll see that kids think in a completely different way than we do. Maybe, you’ll learn from kids along the way, as they learn from us.

And remember to – 

“Grow up. Not old.”

So go out there and be kid for the weekend. Cause you got work on Monday then.

Let me know what makes you feel the most child-like.


Also, here’s a bonus for you. Since you stuck around till now, here’s a short clip of me struggling to get out of the foam cube pit while getting irritated by my sister (the story of my life). Because why not? It’s not that I have not embarrassed myself enough.

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