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Do you remember the first time when you solved a question with variables in maths? I mean the first time alphabets and numbers were combined? I think it would be somewhere in your 6th or 7th grade.

Try and remember how you felt when you started using exponents, even if it was just the square of a number. 

How about the time when you were allowed to cross roads by yourself and go to neighbourhood places alone?

You were probably dying to do all of these things again and again till the time it was as interesting as washing the dishes. But surely, the first few times they would have made you think that you could rule the entire goddamn world.  You must have felt like you’re actually worth something – like you matter.

All of these instances, the variables, squares and road crossing, have one feeling in common.

Do you want to give it a shot?

It is the feeling of being slightly grown up. Feeling just a tiny bit more mature.

It is in these small, silly yet wonderful moments that we have found power. Moments that have made you feel – Yes, I can do things too. And that feeling when you think that you too can do something that matters, is not very easy to attain.

That is why these moments matter so much. This is the reason why we shouldn’t undermine the power of small unnoticed moments in our lives. None of these moments make a difference by themselves. But it is when we add up all these moments that we realise how much our life has changed and how much we’ve grown. It is when all of these apparently trifle moments are added, that your life becomes valuable.

Now whenever you feel, ‘oh when have I grown up so much?’, just remember that it was these moments that made you grow up.

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