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I’m roughly two weeks late to talk about this, but in my defence, I barely had time this month between Rakhi, registration for colleges and CUET. But better late than never.

I’ll quit the chase and tell you what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the Common Wealth Games. That too a particular sport in CWG is boxing.

To be very honest, I did not watch a match, tournament or event of any sport. Not the biggest sports freak.

But I do know something about boxing in CWG that my dad told me.

When a boxer is competing in a competition, be it CWG or any other, more often than not, they have all their matches on the same day.

This means you go into the ring, fight and come back. If you lost the last round, this is the end of you sustaining blows from opponents.

But if you won the last match, it means going back in again and fighting harder than the previous round because this opponent is stronger than the previous one.

Just like you, he has also worked his way up to fight a better opponent.

And this goes on and on if you keep winning until you’re the last one standing.

This means that the last boxer in the ring has fought the toughest opponents and come out as the winner.

But what it also means is that the last boxer fought the most among all the boxers that day. He has survived the longest in the ring and has taken the most hits.

Now that you do know it, it seems like common sense, but I bet you hadn’t pondered on it before.

Do you realise that life is no different?

The higher you aim to go in life, the more blows from life should be expected. It seems that if we become successful the problems lessen, but that’s not true.

We just get bigger and tougher problems in front of us, but then again the reward is higher too.

If you wanna make it to the finals in life and get the gold, you’ll have to sustain the most punches and beat the toughest opponents.

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