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In my podcast, I explore Google classroom as a digital media learning tool and what pros and cons come with using the tool. We also touch upon the various features of Google classroom.

When I was assigned the task to explore one of the four topics provided, I embarked on my journey by diving into the class readings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any valuable information related to the chosen subject. Feeling a bit lost, I decided to seek guidance from my tutor, who had always been a reliable source of advice.

After discussing my predicament with my tutor, she suggested that I narrow down the topic to one or two specific examples. Taking her advice to heart, I carefully considered my options and ultimately decided to delve into the pros and cons of Google Classroom as a digital media learning tool for students. This topic intrigued me, as I recognized the growing prominence of technology in education and wanted to explore its impact further.

With my new focus in mind, I set out to gather relevant information. My first step was to search for academic papers that addressed the topic at hand. After diligent research, I managed to find two papers that appeared to be promising sources. I dedicated ample time to reading and analyzing these papers, meticulously highlighting and noting down the key points that resonated with me.

As I progressed through my research, I began to compile an outline that would serve as the backbone of my exploration. I carefully incorporated the findings and insights from the academic papers I had studied, ensuring that I maintained a coherent and logical flow. This outline not only helped me organize my thoughts but also allowed me to identify any gaps that needed to be addressed or further researched.

Armed with my well-crafted outline, I realized that I wanted to present my findings in an engaging and accessible format. Inspired by the popularity of podcasts, I decided to create a transcript that would effectively convey my ideas to the audience. Carefully crafting the script, I aimed to strike a balance between informative content and an engaging delivery style, ensuring that the listeners would find the discussion both educational and enjoyable.

The process of delving into the pros and cons of Google Classroom as a digital media learning tool for students has been enlightening. Through thorough research and careful consideration, I have gained valuable insights into the benefits and limitations of this technology. I believe that exploring this topic in-depth will not only enhance my understanding but also contribute to the wider discourse surrounding the integration of digital media in education.

For my intro music for the podcast, I stuck to a simple tune which fades in and out, both at the beginning of the podcast, as well as the end. It builds up a slight sense of excitement and cheerfulness.

In conclusion, my exploration of Google Classroom as a digital media learning tool has been both enlightening and rewarding. Through diligent research, careful consideration, and the creation of a well-crafted podcast transcript, I have gained valuable insights into the pros and cons of this technology for students.


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Shaker.wav” by kwazi is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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