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Who am I? 

What is life? 

Why am I here?

Do I have some purpose, and if yes then what is it?

The quest for the answer of these questions is indestructible, my friends. And I – possibly just like you – haven’t found the assured answers to these soul searching questions. But I hope that you stick around so that when I do find them, I can share them with you. 

Until then, I have a question for you. Are you here for eternity or is your time limited on this planet?

My answer would be that my time is limited to the course of my life. I have been granted with this gift of life, that may seem incredibly long, but is finite nevertheless. If it has a starting point, there’s got to be an ending point too.

I’m here to virtually grab you by your shoulders and yank you to an awareness, so that you can see what you are doing.

How many times have we paused, looked up and thought, “Why am I doing this? Do I like to do it? And if no, then why am I doing it?”, while doing our everyday actions. Most of us do the things we do because we’re told to do it and are continuing to do it mindlessly. 

Actually, it’s not your or anybody else’s fault. We are told, again and again, generations after generations, that we must get good education, go to college and get a good job, and then we’ll be successful. This is absolutely fine if this is what you want or it helps you in any way to get closer to what you want. But if this is not what you want, I don’t see any reason there is to do those things.

And I think one of the people who get that they’ve got one life and it’s too short to not do the things they like, is Nuseir Yassin or Nas Daily as we popularly know him. He is a video blogger who created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos on Facebook under the page, Nas Daily. This guy wears the same type of t-shirt everyday which marks the percentage of life he’s lived, according to the average lifespan. Why? Because it’s a reminder for him. It reminds him that he’s already done with nearly one-third of his life. And that motivates him to make the remaining two-third of his life, GREAT. He just looks at his t-shirt and if he likes what he’s seeing then he continues it, otherwise he just stops it.

NUSEIR YASSIN (Nas Daily).jpg


If you’re thinking, ‘why study then, if I gotta do what I wanna do?’, I’d say have a look at it. Is it really not helpful to you? Aren’t you learning even a single thing that’s going to help you?

Even if you answer both of the questions as a no, it’s okay. But remember we’re social animals and we live in a society where people are fortunately prioritising skills over degrees. But the bad news is, the majority of them aren’t. As yet.

Don’t blow up 45 minutes of your time on just randomly scrolling through your mobile phone. Or gossiping about someone you have nothing to do with. Haven’t we all got bigger, better things to do? The ones we’ve thought of. Those are the ones we should be doing, not being stuck in a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. We only have so much life to live. Provided we live our life and pause it every once in a while, and not start another grind just to build that life which doesn’t even allow us to soak in the good things.

Life is like a video game. But instead of three or five lives, we just have one. Don’t risk it fighting off all the wrong demons. 

And remember. We won’t get this again. Not the same thing. There won’t be a redo of this, no matter how hard we try.

P.S. I’m 21% done with my life, according to the average life expectancy in India. How much of your life have lived?

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