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Here are some pretty random observations.

As some of you might or might have not noticed, wide legged pants are making a comeback.

I got a pair too. I loved them, but guess what was my mom’s reaction to them?

“These are from the 70s and 80s. Just a few years ago skinny jeans were in, and no one paid heed to the baggy pants. I have no idea why you’d like to wear these old ones. Nevermind, keep them if you want to.”

Fast forward to this Thursday, I was on a road trip with my family, and to keep everyone awake, I put on a podcast. It was a sci-fi drama about… a pandemic.

Well what it’s about isn’t necessary here.

What mom and dad noticed was the fact that the podcast involved only two characters leading us through the story – at least till where we heard it.

They pointed out that it was just like the radio. You are entertained by hearing other people converse or tell a story. You don’t need to be focused or give your time to the audio. You could hear it while you commute or do your chores. However, unlike radio, you have the choice of what kind of podcast you wanna listen to.

You might be able to connect the dots with this.

The point I am making here is that trends and history have a tendency to repeat themselves over a period of time. But they don’t repeat as they were. They make a comeback, with tweaks and adaptations, taking inspiration from their predecessors. We realise their importance and the shortcomings of things, fix them and re-adapt them. It’s the way of the world to better things and reuse them.

So this was just your friendly reminder that it’s okay to go a full circle and settle again on your older systems with little changes here and there that suit you right now.

What are some things that you have settled back to again?

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