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This goes out to everyone, literally everyone who is with me, was with me and will meet me. Hello to the ones I’ll meet, because we may not have talked to each other, maybe we are strangers or you may not even know that I exist. You may not know me, but you’re wishing for me. That’s all the reasons we’ll ever meet; You called me, you wanted me. And I will be with you. I promise.

You know when I realised this? There are times when you look at people and feel like, what would it be like to know such or such person. You feel like befriending them even if not a close friendship. Even if it’s just like an acquaintance. It happened to me too. There was one person that I simply wanted to know. Nothing else. Just get to know him. And one fine day, when I’m playing volleyball with my best friend like the noob I am, that guy literally walks up to me. Like literally walks up to me. Well not exactly me, more like us. But you get the point. Imagine how freaking crazy this is. It is crazy for us. For the universe, not so crazy. That’s what it does. It connects people. 24x7x365. 

Mind you, this was not a one odd time, unless you consider 6 instances as coincidences too. There are 6 other very real people who I wanted to know and now they are in my actual proximity even if 2 of them are mere acquaintances. But they know I exist. For me it’s quite a fascinating thing to suddenly be acquaintances with someone whose universe previously didn’t overlap with mine. And the other 4 are actually my friends. Not like friends whom I see once a week and then forget them for the next 10 days. They are my friends that actually know what is happening with me, what I’m up to. These people have actually spent time with me. Remember my two friends who turned into brothers? One of them is one of these 6 people.

I really wished for these people to be my friends and now they are. I would say that I can’t believe these coincidences, and in fact I’d not even call these coincidences. Maybe unconscious intentions? These were probably the things meant to happen. As if they were destined. 

So, this was for those, who are (and will be) with me, those who are listening to me and those who need me. Remember, I’m there for you; if not now then maybe someday. But I will surely be there for you one day. Maybe we’ve seen each other, but our paths are yet to cross. I’m sure that they will.

See you soon.

Sending you love, hope it gets there before I do.


There. I’ve bared my soul in this letter. Honestly, it’s a very surreal feeling to even type this out. Because this is very very different from how we talk about life in general, in everyday life. We never think that we’ve brought the people that are in our lives. But that’s just how things work. The world will bring you what you wish for. I think you just need to wish hard enough for it. 

Paulo Coelho Quote: “When you want something, all the universe ...

I had written this letter almost a year ago back in August 2019 and I had written in it a very different state of mind that I am in now. I was in a state of realisation I would say. Somewhat a ‘Eureka!’ moment. I guess this is just a way for me to remind myself that life’s been brighter. It’s not like things are bad now, but just not the most lively and exciting. Feel free to consider this post and other ones too as a reminder for yourselves. 

Please spread it so that I can meet the wonderful people who are yet to come in my life. I’ll be forever thankful to you for this.

And in case, I don’t know you personally, I’d like to change that. Just drop a comment below and I’ll write to you.

Let me know who you brought into your life unintentionally.

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