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Recently, my dad got our relatively old bluetooth speaker fixed. 

It’s a compact bluetooth speaker which also happens to have an FM radio. 

This speaker was broken for almost 2 years, so much so that we had forgotten about it.

But getting it fixed took me two years back when I used to listen to the FM at night before going to bed. I swear it’s not old school as it sounds. There are some pretty epic songs and RJs live during the night.

Yesterday night, I did the same thing. Slept with the FM beside me. 

And oh boy, playing songs on alexa could never compare, doesn’t even come close to it.

There’s something about the anticipation of the next song

And I realised this is one of those things that can never be replaced by something more advanced. 

Things like having the good ol’ chocobar with my friends or playing pen fight with them, reading a physical book or just going through photo albums can never be replaced.

That’s your reminder to value the little things and people in your life.

Because one day, they might be gone and you’d never know when you’ll start missing them.

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