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As we all know, New Year is right around the corner. Well, I mean Christmas is six days away and New Year is just a week after that, so New Year is really close.

And with the New Year comes fresh enthusiasm. You wanna change the world, become a better person, eat right, exercise, improve your habits and work towards great goals.

As soon as the calendar shows Jan 1, we expect ourselves to stick to our resolutions. However, many of us struggle to keep those promises to ourselves after barely a month. We are either caught in the daily grind, do not enjoy the things we have chosen to do or simply take up too much on our plates at once.

This is why you should start with your resolutions right now.

Let me explain this in more detail.

No marathon runner has ever run in his big race without his practice miles. They practice for months, if not years before they run in the actual race; and you can do the same with your New Year’s resolutions. It’ll make it easier for you to stick to it if you know what’s coming.

Consider these ten days as your trial period. There’s nothing to lose during this period because the challenge starts on Jan 1. So there’s literally no way that you can fail.

In a way, you also have a return policy in this trial period. 

If you don’t enjoy working for your resolutions (which does have a considerable chance), you have the option to discard them. There’s no point in dragging on with them just for the sake of it without considering how you feel towards it.

If you start now, you’ll understand what it is like to actually take up those goals. You can resolve the challenges you face, right now, instead of maybe January end. You might realize that working out every single day is a little too optimistic for you right. You can start with maybe 3 days a week and increase it gradually.

You can prepare for your resolutions. If you want to learn a skill this year, you can start looking for resources and ways to teach yourself. If you want to read more books, set a goal to read at least 5 pages every day.


Recap for memory:

  1. Start with your New Year resolutions now
  2. You literally can’t fail in them and you get to know what you’re up against
  3. You have a return and/or exchange policy so you can change your goals as you wish

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