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Diwali hangover is definitely still there. I can’t stop thinking about the sheer amount of sweets and snacks I’ve had and the amount of stories I’ve heard this Diwali (courtesy to my grandmother). Another interesting thing I learnt was the fact that we remove clutter from our houses as a metaphor for removing the clutter and dirt of our minds. I had no clue about this. This lesson about Diwali and the thought of sweets got me thinking about combining two of my favorites. Yup, it’s sweets and lessons. Eating so many of the ladoos gulab jamuns, the least I can reciprocate is by learning from them.

Here we goooooooooooooooo.

1. Kaju Katli 

Never lose your shine. You look better with it.


2. Jalebi

Your shape doesn’t matter. What matters is how sweet in nature you are.

3. Soan Papdi

You may not be everyone’s favorite, but those who love you will never let you go.

Soft Soan Papdi at Rs 90/kilogram | Chocolate Soan Papdi | ID: 10542092912

4. Ladoo 

Boondi boondi se laddoo banta hai. Every small effort matters and counts.

Motichoor Laddoo Recipe: How to make Motichoor Laddoo Recipe for Diwali at  Home | Homemade Motichoor Laddoo Recipe

5. Rasgulla 

You’ll be subjected to a lot of pressure in your life. You’ll be squeezed and compressed, but you’ll stay true to your form.

रुई जैसे सॉफ्ट और रसभरे रसगुल्ले की रेसिपी - How to make rasgulla soft and  fluffy tips in hindi

6. Gulab Jamun

Being soft isn’t a weakness. The softer a gulab jamun, the better.

7. Besan Ladoo

Even if you crumble under pressure, things will turn out just fine for you.

Suji Besan Laddu recipe | Chayya Bari recipes | Recipebook


P. S. Kaju Katli lovers, don’t kill me, but I just don’t get the hype around it and why people love it so much.

Comment down below and tell me your favourite sweet.


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