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So it’s mothers’ day and everyones showing their appreciation for their moms and I wanna do that too. However, I couldn’t bring myself to write something about my mother that didn’t sound corny to me. My mom’s great – it’s me who couldn’t write about her. So instead I thought about sharing  with you one of the many things I learnt from her and the stories she told me.


Once there were two young boys – Ayan and Nishant – who were friends for a long time now. They would play together everyday and would thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

On one such bright sunny day, after playing cricket for an hour, they were discussing bicycles while taking a break. As he saw some children making rounds on their bicycles, Ayan talked to Nishant about how wonderful it would feel, just like a bird gliding in the sky, to ride a bicycle, how the wind would brush against the face as he would move through the roads. Ayan told Nishant how much he wanted to ride a bicycle.

Nishant put a hand on Ayan’s shoulder and said, “If that was the case, why didn’t you tell me earlier. I have a bicycle, though i don’t use it much. You can have it for a day and I’ll take it back the next day. Shall I give it to you tomorrow?”

Ayan’s eyes shone with joy and he said, almost pushing back the tears of joy, “Really? That’d be amazing. Thank you so much.”

The next day Ayan was up at 6 in the morning because he couldn’t wait for the cycle.

Nishant came and dropped the cycle at Ayan’s house at around 8. 

“I’ll come back tomorrow morning – same time. Have fun, bye.”

Ayan dashed outside with the bicycle. 

He rode it all day long. He sailed past the pedestrians. The trees moved past him and he just loved bicycling from the bottom of his heart.

As the sun set, Ayan began to feel a little gloomy because he knew he had to be home and then the next day he would have to return the bicycle. He already knew he was going to miss it.

Ayan woke up the next morning, not willing but accepting the fact that he had to return the bicycle. He awaited for Nishant to come at 8 as he had promised.

But he didn’t show up. Ayan decided to wait for some hours till 10 am but there was no sign of Nishant. The clock ticked through the entire afternoon and evening, yet Nishant didn’t come.

Ultimately Ayan thought that Nishant wouldn’t come that day and decided to go to bed.

The following day Nishant came right on time.

Ayan smiled and said, “Thank you so much. It was amazing to ride a bicycle.”

Nishant replied, “My pleasure. You can tell me anytime you want to ride a bicycle, I’ll lend it to you.”

Just as Nishant was sitting on the bicycle, Ayan spoke up.

“Um… I just wanted to ask something. You were supposed to take back the bicycle yesterday, but you didn’t come. Why so?”

“Oh yeah that. I had gone to my grandparents’ house in the morning and I returned in the afternoon. You really loved riding the bicycle so you must have already been riding it since I didn’t come so I thought let it be with you for a few more hours. It didn’t really make much of a difference to me anyways.”

Saying that, Nishant left.


After I heard this story, all I could do was imagine Ayan’s plight. Poor guy had the bicycle but still didn’t ride. All because he stopped cycling in the anticipation of the fact that he has to return it.

How often do we tend to do the same?

Haven’t we all stopped enjoying something because we felt that it was going to end? Or not enjoying something till it’s end?

We must cherish the things we have, till the time we have them. 

Not enjoying something before the event is actually over is a blunder. If you do this, then you’re your own reason for misery.

Let us not get our future in the way of our present.

Thank you Mumma for making me realise this 🙂


Happy Mothers’ Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!


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