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This is a short realization that occurred to me this Friday. This is like a derivation of how your time is money. I can’t help derivations, I study physics.

Social media sites grow exponentially within months. Why? Because you spend time on their apps and sites. A lot of time. 

They make their money off the time you spend. To me, that is basically giving somebody your money. Because if you weren’t spending your time and energy there they wouldn’t have that much riches. 


Your time their money

Your time = K*their money,          K being the constant of proportionality.

Canceling out possession from each side, we have

Time = K*money


Instead of giving them your figurative money and literal time, you should give it to yourself.

That would allow you to either directly make money or do things that would enable you for the future, making you independent. 

That’s all I had to say this week, because I’m not getting time from school, I don’t get time to think and since I don’t get time to think, I don’t get things to write about 😓

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