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Once a wise – maybe even old – man said, “The material gifts do not matter. It is the gift of someone’s time, love and affection, that is the most important.”

Many people would agree here – tangible gifts are not what they value, but the memories made with their loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see it the same way. I mean I love the memories made and the moments enjoyed, with all my heart. It’s just that I don’t hold the same opinion for tangible gifts. 

Let me tell you an example. This is the instance that changed my viewpoint about physical gifts. 

Since lockdown, school bags have done nothing but gather dust. A few days back, my younger sister gave me a small square green piece of a plastic from her bag. Something you’d see on decorations. It was like an ornamental button. I asked her what this way and why was she giving it to me. 

Turns out it was a small mosaic tile that had fallen from one of the many mosaics in our school. Some would call this overreacting but I got a tiny bit emotional. I felt that while even not being in school, I had a part of school with me. Even if it was the tiniest part possible. 

This is what led me to an evolved perspective of tangible gifts. 

Gifts allow you to be with someone even when you’re not there. When you give a gift to someone, they’ll have a part of you (hopefully forever, though can’t say for sure). The mere thought of it seems so beautiful and pure to me. I believe that would be the original purpose of presents but it got tossed around just like a lot of our modern day concepts.

This coupled with being in the present (pun intended) when with people would give you amazing moments spent to talk about in the future when you’re together, and something to remember each other when you’re not.

The bottom line? 

Make memories that you will cherish. Give someone a gift, not only will they love it but also have a part of you with them, always. Besides, who doesn’t like getting gifts? And don’t fret over what to give. Even a plastic piece was enough to make me emotional. 

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