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You know the feeling of having an ice cream on a scorching hot day. The feeling of the chilled ice cream on your tongue. So, like most of the kids, my mum buys me a ten rupee chocobar ice cream, the one you are supposed to get every day (after much pleading, of course). It would taste nice, but you know it could have been better had it been the butterscotch cone or the chocolate cone. And then there’s the weekend ice cream, the one that dad lets you buy. You have the choice to buy. So of course, like most 8 yo1 kids(and no I’m not 8 yo, but I sure do behave like one), I pick the most expensive and the latest ice cream. And to be honest, most of them aren’t worth it (barring a few exceptions). Sure they were nice but definitely not worth that much. For the same reasons, I am notorious for trying every single ice cream possible, no matter how the taste or appearance is. Not to mention that the favourites are also chosen from the sacrifices of my experiment and the opportunity to choose some already tried fairly good ice cream. 

Soon enough, the weekend gets over…

Andddddd we are back to the daily chocobar. Over the years, as I have been promoted from primary school, I have got the facility of an ice cream parlour in my school (Yes, an ice cream parlour in school).  Now you must be like, “So, what happened to the daily chocobar your mum got you?”. Well, I still get it but there’s a small change. Instead of mum buying it for me, she gives the ten rupees to me and I can go and get it in school.  So, what I do is get the money, wait for recess, go to the ice cream parlour with my best friend in the recess, have that chocobar (cause I don’t have any other option in that budget), eat it, and try to make it back to class before the teacher arrives (I am mostly lucky in this high risk mission). And I have done this again and again for two years and now I love it. I love every single thing about it. I love the hurry to finish my lunch ASAP to have enough time to eat the ice cream at ease. I love talking with my best friend while eating the ice cream. I love to have a bite (ok, maybe half the ice cream) from my best friend’s ice cream when I forget my money and I love to have ice cream in winter from my friend’s lunch money, when I’m on the verge of having a cold.

So I have a few observation on the subject of ice cream:

  • Two ten rupees chocobar gets you more quantity than one twenty rupees chocobar.
  • Chocobar is a tough thing to bite if it’s absolutely chilled and hard. 
  • I have realised one particularly important thing. The most expensive ice cream may not be the best ice cream. You thought this was gonna be about the things in life?

Well tbh2 it is, but ice cream is just as important as any other thing in life.

Okay okay let’s move to the things in life, if you insist so.

 Continuing further,

  • I wanted to say that the best things in life need not be the most expensive, over the top or extraordinary, bizarre, phenomenal or unbelievable. They can and more often than not are the everyday things which are absolutely routine.
  • It is the recess ice cream that has made me bond with my friend, not the weekend chocolate cone. Similarly, it is the routine things from where the best moments of our lives emerge, the ones which make us appreciate our happy times and help the distressed days pass(though I believe that events and celebrations can have huge impacts on our lives, but I’ll save that for some other time).

So I guess I’ll prefer chocobar over the chocolate cone now. But a little bit of weekend butterscotch cones would be appreciated. Literally and metaphorically!.

Teen lingo – In case you thought something else
1. yo – years old
2. tbh – to be honest 

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