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The cravings for hot crispy french fries and burger can be strong on a relaxed Friday evening. Same thing happened to me. 

I was done with my work for the day and wanted to just chill out and have something nice. Hence, burgers and french fries were ordered for everyone. 

Pretty soon the doorbell rang and I dashed out to get the food.

Unpacking the warm packages, the order as well as the bill seemed a little short of what we ordered. Cross checking the order, we found out that the fries were missing 😢

My mum called the shop half mad and ready to ask for an explanation for the case of missing fries. 

Upon asking, he told her that the french fries were finished and therefore could not be delivered. 

My mother said, “At least inform the customer if a product is not in stock. The kids were expecting the fries.”

“So sorry mam, really sorry. What can I get delivered to you instead of the fries? Would spring rolls be fine?”

Covering the phone with one hand, mumma asked us if we wanted spring rolls and we nodded our heads enthusiastically.

“Fine, how much would that be?”

“Mam actually it’s 120 rupees, but you can give whatever you want. It’s about kids.”

After contemplating how much to pay for the spring rolls, we decided to give the full amount because it wouldn’t be right any other way to pay partially for it.

I went down to take the order and when I gave the delivery person the money, he refused to take it, saying that the shopkeeper had already told him not to take any money. After lots of convincing him, he took it.

After coming upstairs, we felt that the shopkeeper was such a nice person. He first of all accepted his mistake of not informing the customers about the order. Some shopkeepers on the other hand, don’t even recognise the fault on their part and this makes sure that a customer never buys anything from that shop again. He also tried to make amends as well as he could. The spring rolls cost him more than twice as much as the french fries but he was still ready to get them delivered for free of cost merely for customer satisfaction (which was surely achieved). 

This is an excellent example of what a good attitude is and how it helps you. My mother had paid for the spring rolls just so that the shopkeeper could make a sale. And just because that person was polite, she did not want his loss. Her response probably would not have been the same towards someone else who spoke rudely and took no notice of their own mistakes. Plus it’s safe to say that we’ll order from the same shop in the future.

This gives a fair idea why one should have a good attitude in life. People are keen to form longer associations with other people who have good attitude. They want to be around such people. Also, people think about you, if you think about them; and I think this benefit tops the list of why we should have a great attitude towards people.

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