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Know the meaning of this word? It means a few things, but in the context of this post, we’ll use it in the sense which means to take something for granted or without proof.

Ever tried assuming something? Just like that, without any basis for your assumption?

What was the outcome? 

Let me guess. I’ll give it a shot.

You probably either embarrassed the heck out of yourself for doing something stupid; or you carried out a command not even near to how it was supposed to be done.

Or you could miss out on great opportunities simply because of assuming. 

Because I was sure gonna miss out on some.

All I did was assume something. Because of that, I could have genuinely let go of the best possible opportunity for me this year.

Wanna know what great could’ve slipped from my hand because of assumptions and why?

I’ll tell you.

My bestfriend had his birthday the day before yesterday. So my group of friends and I were planning to do something for him. We thought of a zoom call but it seemed too dull and boring for someone who wanted to meet his friends beyond anything else. 

So we decided to surprise him and show up at his house. (Of course, we showed up out of the blue for him, his family knew we would be coming)

Because of me being the slightly topper kinda kid, both my friends and I did not expect me to come (although I have no idea why this notion exists because I haven’t really missed any of the group gatherings 🤷🤷

Now this part may seem really dumb, but at that moment I genuinely thought that my parents wouldn’t let me go to a friend’s house. That too a guy’s house. That too in a pandemic.

So I didn’t even bother asking. 

But my heart kept itching to go after I looked at all of my friend’s group chat messages.

I decided to shoot my shot. 

And… I got lucky. Like really lucky.

Not only my parents allowed me to go, but they even cooperated to pick up my friend who was otherwise cancelling her plan because of commutation issues (shoutout to Papa for that 🙌).

I am so glad I went there because my friend’s reaction was easily the best thing for me this year (and remember this blog was started this year too).


You know what could’ve happened with me if I didn’t trust my instincts to ask my parents?

I would be found sulking on my couch on his birthday, secretly crying my eyes out and thinking about all the fun I was missing out. If I hadn’t gone, I would not even know in reality what I was missing out on.

Somewhat the exact opposite situation happened to one of my other best friends. She just ‘assumed’ that she’ll get the permission to go from her parents, like every other time. So she started preparing and in fact, she was the one to plan everything down to the t. But the consequences were quite luckless for her, unlike me.

Moral of the story

My dad has coined the full meaning of the word ASSUME. Assume means a$$ of ‘u’(you) and me, as he likes to call it. So if you’re gonna assume stuff, you’re just gonna make an a$$ of yourself and the other person.

Tell me about the time you got a good scolding or fell flat on you face because you just assumed something.

(Also Garima, if you’re reading this I’m sorry for the mention of the birthday. Believe me there are great things in store for you)


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