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‘New Year, New Me’

Yeah, we’re feeling it.

You’re bubbling with new year resolutions to make this year different? So am I! 

What do your resolutions include? Getting fit, eating healthy, scoring well in examinations?

Not gonna lie, mine include these too. In fact some things could be common in many people’s resolutions. Some things on the other hand differ very much, person to person.

Like mine include trying to learn football, animation, crochet and embroidery (if you know any of these things do let me know).

New Year resolutions are a wonderful concept.  A tradition in which you resolve to develop or continue good habits, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of a new year. 

But I don’t get one thing about this. Why begin at the start of a new year?

I understand that the new year gives people hope and encouragement that they’ve done well in last year and wish to grow more this year or maybe give themselves another shot. However, isn’t this the case with months, weeks or days as well? 

Just because a year is a bigger unit of time it doesn’t mean we look forward to improving ourselves only at the beginning of the year. The same can be done for every single day.

Every day can bring out various possibilities and opportunities just as a year can bring you. You just need to be looking forward to it. 

Each month, week and day you hold the same power to bring about a change, as you hold each year.

So if you get distracted, or discontinue something for some reason, remember that you can get back up the very next day.

Have resolutions for the month, week and the day. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

Now you know what to do with your new year resolutions. Make them new day resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Tell me about your new year resolutions down below.


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