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It’s summer. We are self-quarantined (you better be if possible ‘cause it is the safest thing to do). And our (definitely mine) relief is Food. I felt like adding a lot of Os because I wanted food to be like a word you say with emphasis and happiness. But I dropped it for the sake of simplicity. Yeah, so back to food. 

All the watery summer fruits are such a treat. And to be honest, they are the actual treat. Not junk, not bland but so refreshing, and healthy. What more could you ask for, isn’t it? 

But there’s a confession. I don’t like all of them equally. I really really like watermelon over muskmelon. I know it’s not fair but what can I do? I can’t choose what my taste buds like. 

Watermelon is watery and sweet (mostly) and not hard and but crisp at the same time. You get the idea. Muskmelon, on the other hand, is too soft, rarely sweet and (usually) needs to be peeled.

Oh! By the way, there’s also an out of the basket (because we have fruits here) observation I have. When you slice you need the biggest sharpest knife to slice a watermelon. And for slicing a muskmelon, you could even use a fork I guess. This reminds me of an idiom. It goes something like this, “Whether the melon falls on the knife or the knife falls on the melon, it’s the melon that suffers.

It is the muskmelon that is being talked about because, let alone, accidentally, the watermelon is so hard to cut intentionally.

Muskmelon gets hurt so easily, even if one doesn’t intend to do so. Watermelon on the other hand isn’t hurt, even if one has the intentions to do so.

I believe that in life all of us should be watermelons too. Some of us already are and some need to be (me for example). We need to learn how to not take things to yourself and to not get hurt easily. We need to strengthen our guard, our covering. And I do not mean by strengthening the guard, to be emotionless. That’s not what I’m talking about. The watermelon is hard to cut but so rejuvenating. 

The more we learn not to take things personally, the less emotionally drained we will be.

And I know that it is sometimes easier said than done. Currently I am myself a transitioning watermelon. I know it and I know I have to change it for my own peace of mind. You know it’s okay to be a muskmelon, but you should change if sometimes it feels too much. You’ll know what I am talking about if you feel it. 

You know when you are a muskmelon, when you unintentionally take things to yourself, it will always be you that suffers, like the quote said. No matter whether the person wants to hurt you or not, you will be hurt because of taking it to your heart. Teacher or boss scolds you with the only intention of getting the work done, but what happens is we get hurt. Friends vent out the frustration of something else, and we think it is we who did something wrong. Sometimes, we just need to remember that people aren’t mad at us; they’re probably mad at something that is wrong in their life or occasionally at themselves.

And all the pro watermelons out there, I wish I could be a watermelon too so effortlessly.

So, be a watermelon – cool, colourful, always refreshing people, and rarely getting hurt.

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