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Yes. I am boring.

(You probably already read it in the heading but I put it in for emphasis)

Yeah. So back to me being boring. 

I’ve been told on innumerable instances that I’m super boring, that I do nothing interesting, that I should learn to enjoy my life. Not to mention that as much as I can recall, I’ve been told this mostly by guys, and many a times even by my own friends. There may be some sexist reason at work here, but I’m not going to talk about it now.

This is about something different. This is about individuality.

Just because I don’t like playing video games or watching movies to unwind, doesn’t mean that I don’t unwind at all. I am not even particularly an introvert or shy, if people consider introverts or shy people to be boring. I like talking to people. The only difference is that my forms of loosening are a bit – what can I say – more tranquil, calm and laid-back.

I don’t act on impulse. I wouldn’t prefer roaming around late at night. But some people do prefer that. And it’s okay that way too. Because exciting simply means causing great enthusiasm, and different things could cause enthusiasm to different people.

But just because my idea of relaxation and enjoyment doesn’t match yours, does not mean that I am boring. It does not mean that I am not enjoying my life. It does not mean that I’m always working. And even if I am working, I don’t particularly hate it, even if I may not enjoy it. So it isn’t a form of torture to me, unlike you. So, Yes. I am boring. And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Because I’m boring you, not to myself. Thank you for reading this public rant.


This goes out to all the fellow people who’ve been told that they’re boring. It does not affect if said once or twice. But if repeated over and over again, it gets really annoying. So this was just a disclosure to those who call us ‘boring’ from me on your behalf.

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