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Have you been really anxious about something? Like really really anxious? Maybe about something important in your life. Well I am that much anxious for my exam tomorrow and was anxious about the previous exams. 

But as my thoughts wandered away from studies in the break, I wondered. I wondered if we would care about something if we were not anxious about it? Would I care about my exams even if I was not to be given a report card, nor was my future gonna (supposedly) depend on it? My answer was a no. 

Sure, there are things you would care about without any reason. Maybe because you have put in a lot of work in it or maybe because you just love it from the deepest corners of your heart. 

But most of the things that make us anxious don’t make it to this list of things we’d care for anyway (Because if we do love something so deeply, it makes us happy – not worried).

We mostly put efforts in the things we care about (or are anxious about) and vice versa.

So I guess anxiety is not evil as we think it to be. A little anxiety is not all that bad. Although you and me both know what a lot of anxiety can do to a person. So the ideal amount of anxiety is a midground between the two extremes.


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