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Have you ever been in a position where a person is telling you something about them without any apparent reason? Or maybe you were that person telling someone about yourself. 

While you listen to them talk about something they like or maybe something about themselves, you wonder. You wonder why they are telling you this, or how does it make sense for them to be telling you all of that stuff? 

The chances are that even the person telling you all of this does not have the answer to this question. Even they probably do not know why they are telling you what they are telling you. 

But I guess I’ll answer it to you (on their behalf, because I myself have experienced this many times). 

This question probably arises when you two have met some time back and are not just acquaintances anymore but you don’t know if you’re friends either. You two may be friends but may be not close enough to admit and declare that you’re good friends.

But if the other person is telling you things that make you wonder about this question too, know that you guys are friends now. They are telling you whatever they’re telling because they trust you. They feel that you deserve to know this about them and that they can trust you with that information. They feel that you will not judge them for that and will laugh with them on that topic, instead of laughing at them for telling you that

Another request, if somebody is telling you something and you don’t get why they’re telling that to you (unless they go about annoying everyone about the same things), do not, I repeat, do not say “Why you’re telling me this?”. As I mentioned earlier, they’re telling that because they trust you and consider you as their friend and saying that would just shatter them I feel. So understand where they’re coming from. Honestly, even in the are case that you do not reciprocate the feeling of friendship you can maintain a distance from them by if they’re telling you something personal, just listen to it. You don’t even need to respond to it enthusiastically.


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