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β€œHow could he do this?!” she yelled through the phone.

That didn’t seem like the kind of conversation I wanted to have on a windy Saturday evening, but we went ahead anyway.

β€œNever did I think that he would go ahead and tell Amit everything I said about hating him. I told everything to him thinking that he’s my friend and the thought that he would actually tell him didn’t cross my mind.”

My cousin was ranting to me about how unfair it was that one of her closest friends had betrayed her and told what they discussed about somebody to that very person.

I had been listening to her for quite some time before I took a pause to think about the situation myself.

It did seem wrong of the friend to have done what he did, but I couldn’t help thinking that maybe my cousin was partly to blame for the way things went.

I mean, she was the one who told him about how much she hated Amit in the first place.

If I told this to her, I’d have the same fate as the friend. So my sense advised against it.

That night, this conservation had all my attention.

What the friend did was not justifiable in any way. But was it impossible? Unlikely, but not impossible.

This isn’t the first case of a friend snitching to someone else, that you and I have seen. I have had the opportunity of experiencing it firsthand, and I think so must have you.

While we trust our friends to keep our secrets, we take an unsaid risk by telling them anything.

Luckily, we don’t have to face the consequences most of the time. But when we do, it sticks out like a sore thumb forever.

Sometimes things don’t go your way. It’s just the way of the world, I guess.

And what do you do when that happens? Blame fate?


You take responsibility. It does sound a little unfair to take the responsibility of something you didn’t cause; but ultimately it is your life.

It’s easy to point at someone else for something wrong in your life. But that’s like handing the keys of your car to someone else – someone who has already wrecked it.

Now you might go ahead and say that “The friend told the other person, what could have I done in that case?”. True but the words came out of your mouth.

As ruthless as it sounds, you can control only your own actions, deeds and what you say. The people you choose to keep in your life are there because you chose to let them be in your life. No one else has control over what you do and say but yourself, at the end of the day.

Control and responsibility go hand in hand. If you want your life to be under your control, you need to take responsibility. Be in charge of your own life.

On reflection, the friend wronged my cousin. However if she takes the responsibility of what she says and to whom from the next time, I think she’s good to go.

Bottom Line

Control and responsibility go hand in hand. If you want your life to be under your control, you need to take responsibility.

What is something that you are gonna take responsibility for in your life and how?

I’m going to take the responsibility of being prepared beforehand with my blog posts, even though the reason I lacked was because my school resumed.

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