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Ever watched a movie so good that it inspired you to reach for the stars? It happened to me yesterday after watching Mission Mangal. I felt like I could conquer the world and do everything in my life with the same passion, zeal and conviction.

It was one of the moments where you are in the ‘I can do anything’ mode. The music, and the overcoming of obstacles pushed me to complete some of my tasks and do some creative stuff.

It dawned upon me that the most cherished moments I have are the ones when I felt the best.

To say where I felt the best seems vague.

They were the ones which made me feel confident, accomplished, loved and helpful – to put a finger on a few of my best feelings.

But it doesn’t just stop at that.

Feeling that way makes me think of actually doing stuff and gives me ideas about what I can explore.

And from my observation, I am not the only one who acts this way if they are feeling great.

Most of my friends (and I’m sure you too) are their best selves when they are in a great state of mind.

You go to achieve great things and take massive actions for things you really care about.

Your thoughts become reality. You can create a life with the power of your thoughts. A person’s reality is an extension of their beliefs. This means that whatever you believe will come to be, so think about what kind of life you want and start living it!

That is the power of feeling great!

What do we know till now?

Feelings Thoughts Actions Results

And we 👏 want 👏 results 👏

You’d be crazy if you didn’t want for yourself and your vision.

So we understand, we want results and we need to feel good for that.

First, you need to understand what feeling good means for you.

It can mean feeling confident, loved, grateful, competent or energetic. These can be different for different people.

Then you need to figure out what exactly sparks these feelings in you. Many times these feelings are internal but these can also be created when you’re with specific people, when you are doing something, when you have a specific thing with you, or when you are at a particular place.

Kids are attached to their blanket because it makes them feel protected. Some people are attached to their home towns because it reminds them of their carefree times.

Watching others work out makes me feel inspired, which makes me think Imma work out now, and then I workout (because of the burst of motivation) and see the results.

It can be an absolutely random thing, as long as it makes you feel a certain way. I love formals because I think I look really smart in them and they literally say – I mean business (possibly the same logic why some people love stationery). 

Here are a few things that make most people feel great.

  1. Listening to good music
    Seriously, who doesn’t get pumped after listening to music?
  2. Talking to friends
    Goofing off with my friends makes me feel really grateful for some reason
  3. Looking at pictures
    I haven’t really seen anyone else in person do this, but looking at really aesthetic pictures makes me wanna be in it. It just gives me butterflies. (Sounds kinda lame, but it is what it is)
    You can also look at your own old pictures. They take you back to simpler times where you were less burdened by the world.
  4. Going to places you love (Not recommended at the moment though)
    Going to places cafes really makes you feel like the ✨main character✨ in your life
  5. Dancing in the rain
    You might say, well it needs to rain for that.
    No, not really. Grab a water hose and get dancing.
    Did that last week, 100% recommend it

Recap for memory:

  1. Feelings Thoughts Actions Results
  2. Figure out what exactly sparks these feelings in you
  3. Do those things

Your turn now – Create a table like Name Place Animal Thing for yourself, for every feeling. State the feeling and a person, place, activity and object which causes that feeling.

Looking forward to reading your answers 😄

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