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As we go through life, we experience different seasons. Just as the four seasons of the year bring different changes in the weather, so too do the four seasons of life bring different changes in our emotions and experiences.

I came across this phrase in a podcast where the host said, “there are different seasons in life for different things.”

This autumn with the release of Taylor Swift’s Midnights album, the urge to wrap myself in a blanket and listen to her songs while drinking coffee has become overwhelming. I have never felt the desire to be by myself and just listen to music like this.

But I think it’s because I’m in a different season of life

A season where I don’t need the constant hustle and bustle of being around people all the time.

A season where I can appreciate the simpler things in life, like a good cup of coffee and a great song.

It made me think about how there are indeed different seasons in life, and how important it is to understand them. Just as we have different seasons in the year, we also have different seasons in our lives. There will be times for planting and times for harvesting. There will be times of growth and times of rest.

There have been times in my life when it felt like everything was moving forward at a million miles an hour. These have been the times when I have been planted and have been able to put down roots. There have also been times when it felt like everything has come to a standstill. There have been when I needed to rest and rejuvenate myself. And then there are the times when it feels like everything is happening all at once and I am being pulled in a million different directions. These have been the times when I have needed to focus on my own growth.

Just as it is essential to understand the changing seasons of the year, it is also essential to understand the changing seasons of life. By doing so, we can flow with the changes and transitions that occur rather than resist them. We can also prepare for what is to come and make the most of each season we find ourselves in.


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