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Little life update: I drove a scooty by myself for the first time ever this weekend. Might not seem like a big deal to those who know how to drive a scooty but it’s an achievement for me 😂😂

I don’t actually have a scooty but my uncle (who lives not even 2 minutes away in walking distance terms) does. I had dropped by his place and saw the scooty. 

In theory, I knew how to drive it – I had learned it last year – but never got to practice because no one would take the chance to sit behind a driver who didn’t know how to drive. And tbh, doing it alone just seemed scary.

Until… I did it.

Yesterday, a tiny voice inside me said, “Do it. If you’re not gonna trust yourself then who is?”

So I took the keys and started the scooty. It was a bit jerky at first because I was so nervous but after going around the block once, I got the hang of it.

It felt liberating, to be honest. Like I had accomplished something.

And it all started with that tiny voice inside me saying,  “Do it.”

You think that you need to know it all before starting something new. But that’s not true.

The best way to learn is by taking action and doing it.

You’ll make mistakes, sure. But you’ll also learn from them and become better.

So listen to the tiny voice inside you and take action today. It might just be the best decision you ever make. 

Recap for memory:

  1. Do things alone if you don’t have anyone to do them with i.e. drive a scooty, go out to eat, etc.
  2. Clarity comes after taking action.
  3. Listen to the tiny voice inside you.

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