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Everyone has bad days, where you don’t feel like doing anything, and neither does anything feel good. Nothing may feel right at the time, but deep down you know that things were alright earlier, and will become better again sooner or later. You may need to wait or work for it, but you know it gets better. Even though these days aren’t the best things that could happen to you, it’s okay for you to have a bad day every once in a while. But what would be wrong would be to get affected by the bad days and not trying to become better. 

What is noteworthy is the fact that the faster you feel great again, the faster you’ll be able to make things again.

But how exactly do you feel better again?

I think it’d be safe to rule out someone telling you to “cheer up”. We know that never makes things any better.

So what would help?

Listening to yourself will help. Sometimes, we get so stubborn that we will not listen to or obey anyone but ourselves. You and me both know we’ve been there, done that. 

And how do you tell yourself that you have it in you to get over this and achieve this?

You show yourself evidence. Basically, you recount the times that you have been able to achieve things in the past, and there is no reason that you can’t do it now. 

You just have to curate a list of things or incidents that have made you crazy happy in the past. It could be anytime between your birth and right now.

There’s no need to not include an item because you think ‘Oh! I was a small kid back then.’ That’s the thing we need to realise. If our younger, more naive selves could do it, then why can’t the present you do it? You’re equipped with more knowledge, experience and other resources. 

The list can include things that you were appreciated and recognised for, things that made you happy or something that you achieved. Include every tiny thing that you can in the list if it makes you happy. Make sure to put at least 100 things in this list.

We could call it the ‘happy list’, because you know, it makes you happy. 

When you have this list ready in front of you, just go through it. You’ll feel the confidence that you’ll overcome whatever you’re going through, and even a sense of comfort, in contrast to the panicking feeling you might be feeling earlier. 

You can use this list even on a good, or an average day when you need a short burst of motivation (or rather I should say self-motivation) and it’ll surely bring a smile on your face.


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