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I’ll do it when (a condition about getting something done first)

I’ll do it when I’m done with my schoolwork.

I’ll get it when (a condition about having something first)

I’ll get it when I have the perfect room.

I’ll learn it when (a condition about being free from other responsibilities)

I’ll learn it when I’m done with my exams.

I’m sure you too could complete at least one of the three sentences. 

At some point or the other, you have delayed specific activities, like something you wanted to do or learn, because you thought that there is something more important that needs our attention at the moment. We usually decide that we’ll look at the other things a bit later when we are done with what we have right now. 

In simpler words, we believed that the time was not right for it. 

If the time is not right for things, we wait and for the right time to come, so that we can do it.

But the fact is that there won’t be a right time. Time doesn’t say if it’s right or wrong for something. 

It’s we who decide if it is the right time to do something. Time is a man made concept made for our convenience and therefore, right or wrong time is created by us too.

Therefore, it is us who will have to make the time right.

More often than not, we’ll feel about something that we want to do, that we would start or pick it up later, when we have less on our plates, or we are a little less busy from our lives (hint hint – weekend).

But I’m not writing this off the cuff. This is a personal experience. Whenever there was something new that I would have to start, like learning something new, or resuming a previous hobby, I would think, ‘I’ll do this on the weekend when I am free from school and other stuff and then pay my full attention to it.’

But guess what? I could never find the time to do any of these things even at the seemingly right time – the weekend.

And why did this happen?

Because I didn’t realise that life doesn’t come to a pause on a weekend. It may slow down, or take a different route compared to the weekdays. The classes or work that you have on the weekdays may not be there, but there is still so much more to do, including the stuff from classes and work. But you won’t just get  the time to do things you want to on the weekend either, unless you plan it in your schedule. Because unless we control our time and focus, things are rarely going to happen the way we want them to.

And if you have to schedule the activities anyways, why not incorporate them on the weekdays itself? You might as well do the things you like doing with your work.

All of this being said, I am not asking you to leave all your other things and start doing things you have been procrastinating. I am only asking you to realise the fact that there won’t be any right time to do the things. Even when we reach our right time, we’ll feel some other day be more appropriate for the thing. This is why, the right time to do anything is NOW. It’s really now or never.


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