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Owing to the events of the past few days in my (as well as people my age across India) life, I’ll keep this post short and sharp.

In case you have no clue what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the CBSE Board results released on the 22nd. (Also, if you had no clue about that – do you live under a rock?)

By God’s grace, everyone’s got pretty good results and rightfully so because they worked hard for it. It’s heartwarming to see my friends who’ve worked their asses off get the outcomes they deserve.

All of this just drills one thing into my head, something which I’ve probably said before too – efforts are never wasted. They may be buried until they actually show up as results, but never in vain.

Here’s my message to those – 

who have put in the hours but didn’t get the results they think they deserve: your hard work is in the transit to become the results, hang in there.

who think what they have gotten is more than what they deserve (I’m one of those): don’t make the mistake of underestimating yourself, had you not been deserving of this, you wouldn’t have gotten it. It’s a fierce world and no one would spare a single penny more than the other person deserves.

who have worked hard and received what they deem fit for themselves: I’m proud of you and way happier for you than you can imagine.

I hope the best for all of us <3

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