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If you’re a normal human being who hasn’t ticked off every single thing on your life wishlist (kudos to you if have, but could you let me in on your secret?), there’s a high probability that you daydream.That you make up imaginary scenarios in your head (Ik I’m sidetracking here but I thought of a new word for imaginary scenarios – imaginarios. It sounds like a cereal name and I love that 🤭) and have fully decided what you’d do if we were in a zombie apocalypse or if you won the lottery.

While the fantasy genre of imaginarios doesn’t have many chances of becoming reality, the fiction genre on the other hand can come to reality in the blink of an eye. This is why even though apocalypse and lottery scenarios are more juicy, the fiction ones keep me hooked. Plus covid being someone’s brain child – and once an imaginario – was (is?) more than enough.

So coming back to the topic, when I daydream, more often than not it’s about what my life would look like after a major change or event and how I would react to it. I think about all the ways my life would be different, how I’d keep in touch with my friends if I was living thousands of miles away, if I wasn’t a student and was working, if I could drive around the city.

My point is, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for when a situation you want with all your heart actually comes to you. I know it sounds stupid and unlikely, but most of us would be severely overwhelmed and under prepared if what we wanted did come true this very second.

Some people might think that opportunities are a matter of luck, but I disagree. Ultimately, opportunities work out well for only those who were prepared for it. You don’t just get a big break. You get it when you’re ready for it.

Many people are not ready for their lucky break when it comes to them. Why? Because they have not prepared themselves for it. When you’re not prepared, you will struggle to take advantage of the opportunity and make the most of it. And even if you do manage to take advantage of it, you will find it difficult to keep up with the demands that come with it.

The question is – how do you prepare for an opportunity?

You develop your skills. Study your craft. Save some money. Build a network before you need it. Lay the ground work.

The prepared person is positioned to benefit from unexpected opportunities.

Be prepared for your opportunity. Be in the right mindset for it, prepare your tools, gather your resources. Your opportunity might be closer than you think.

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