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Honestly, I don’t have much today because I’ve considerably been busy. I know it’s no excuse but I’m me so I’m still gonna tell you, as well as myself, something.

You may not have reached your goal yet, but with consistent efforts you will be there. But mind you, consistency is the key word here. 

Consistency is something that can never be emphasised enough I believe. Perfection is nothing but just consistent efforts compounded over time. Because when you are consistent you keep trying over and over again for a period of time. And in that repetition, you make tiny improvements that you won’t notice from one time to another, but that’ll be very noticeable if you compare the beginning witht the end. 

It’s like a small child growing up. If you live with them, you’ll not know the day to day differences. But if you live away, and see them after a long time you’ll be like, “Ohhhh! You have grown up and changed so much.” (Basically the english version of ‘itna bada ho gya hai, jab pichli baar dekha tha toh itnu sa tha’)

My point here is just don’t stop because you aren’t getting results. Be patient. At least let your efforts get the time to flourish. 

That being said, I know this wasn’t much or good but I am trying to be consistent. But the only crappy post is the one not written. So here I am. May edit this in the future to improve it.

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