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After not going to school for practically two years, the last month was filled with trips to school. And with offline, in-person school (so glad we’re not calling regular school that anymore) comes social interaction and mingling with others.

I know for a fact that we students spent less time studying, and more time making up for the conversations that didn’t happen in the last two years. We were literally lurking after school for as much time as we actually spent in the school 😆 (I don’t know if that made sense but anyway)

Upon retrospection – which is something I do quite a lot if you couldn’t make that out already by the fact that I write this blog – I realised something that had popped up in my mind earlier too.

The more time I spent with my friends, the more I could see them in myself. It’s like I became their reflection. 

I can feel myself talking like them, standing and behaving like them. If one of my friends is determined in what he believes and stands up for himself, and even if I’m not necessarily that strong-willed, I caught myself sticking up for myself and what I believe in.

Just to confirm my hypothesis, I went to my trusty group chat with two of my best friends, and asked, “Do you ever see traces of someone else in me?”

To no one’s surprise, the answer came back affirmative.

They told me they could occasionally see each others’ traits in me here and there. After answering the question for me, they got curious and wanted to know if that was the case with them too. And well, turns out I’m not the only one who absorbs traits of people around them. (Funny realisation – I might as well have traits of my friends’ friends :D) 

The conclusion here is that you become the people you spend time with. And it’s not only people who you are within real life, people who influence you online – on YouTube, on insta, on Pinterest – also count.

One picks up habits, catchphrases, and ways to do certain things from those around him. 

This is why it’s very important to be selective about who you surround yourself with – both physically and virtually. Their overall character will determine yours.

And whenever you feel like you need to grow, all you need to do is expose yourself to new people. That will not only give you insights into how others handle things but also tell you what all kinds of people are there in this world, what all you have signed up for by agreeing to live on this planet.


Recap for memory:

  1. The quality of the people around you determines your quality. 
  2. You have the ability to absorb people’s traits, habits, energies and approaches toward life.
  3. Whenever you’re looking for a change, meeting new people is an excellent idea.

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