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Here’s a fact no one asked for: I’m typing (or typed out because you’d be reading it later on) this blog post from a bluetooth keyboard connected to my laptop.

How’d I ended up here? Unfortunately, some of the alphabet keys on my laptop keyboard won’t work. And it’s not even one or two keys, it’s SIX WHOLE KEYS.

I tried working with the on-screen keyboard, but it sucked too much of my blood for me to concentrate on my tasks.

What is even more fascinating (or frustrating, depending on how you look at it) is the fact that I thought I’d never have to face this problem again. Yeah, I’ve had this issue before (except with different and less keys) and I got it fixed. I thought this blog post would be in past form. But here we are again.

I’ll now be moving to my point because I feel like I’m being a little too whiny right now, which ironically also proves what I’m gonna say.

We might not realise it but little things like these affect our productivity in a big way. They take up more mental space than we expect them to, which in turn spills over to other tasks and causes us a lot of frustration.

Until I had a working keyboard, I never realised how the keyboard not working could affect me. When it actually broke down, that’s when I realised how much it added to the list of things that were already on my mind. It’s one of those days where you’re already stressed, and tiny things like these become your tipping point.

This is why it’s important to get these soul-sucking things fixed ASAP (working on getting mine fixed too). Be it your car AC, your messy room, leaky tap, or your creaky door, GET IT FIXED. Your future self will thank you for it. It’ll be off your mind and would help you focus more on what actually matters.

That’s all from an exhausted high school senior (or a 12th grader for those who find the whole sophomore junior thing confusing) this week.

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