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You might not know this, but in every household with a 12th grader, there is an atmosphere of uncertainty.

There are all kinds of doubts about the future – how will the 12th-grade percentage be calculated? Will it affect college admissions? Will I get into a good college or not?

And these worries are not restricted to just academics and our careers. They also our social life, mostly in reference to our friends and peers.

A few days back I was also upset over the same thing, mourning the friendships I have right now, but – realistically speaking – won’t have a few months in the future.

The next day, I was listening to a podcast and the host said, “The future doesn’t really exist.” Even though that’s all she said, those five words turned on a light bulb in my brain.

This also reminded me of a quote from Enola Holmes (absolutely recommend watching it) – Our future is up to us.

These two quotes combined give out a considerably comforting conclusion – The isn’t really there.  It’s up to us what we make of it. Hence, we don’t need to be anxious about what’s next, because you determine what’s next.

We don’t know what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean we should be anxious about it. We should remember that ultimately it will be our choices that lead us to the future we get.

So, next time you find yourself getting worked up over something in the future, remember that the future doesn’t exist. Instead, you have something to look forward to, something that happens because you caused it.

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