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Hey guys, the posts till mid-June will be pretty short (like really short) considering it’s boards season. 

Watching everyone on YT move out of their homes and into their NYC apartments makes me wanna move out at 18 too.

But you and I both know this is India and yahan aisa kuch nahi hota (plus I’d fry my head off if I didn’t have someone to irritate).

It does seem pretty freeing to live alone, to be able to sleep whenever you want and to wake up when it suits you. No rules about no screens while having food or making your bed in the morning. You can have people over whenever you want. The list can go on…

But you know what’s keeping me from living alone (besides missing your family and home-cooked food)? The same as it’s pro – there are no rules.

Maybe it’s just a me thing, cause I haven’t seen anyone else face the same issue but I can’t seem to work if I don’t have an external deadline or someone to be accountable to. It seems like a problem that a kindergartener would have, kinda embarrassed about it :/

I don’t like to be told what to do aka being micromanaged either (like most people) yet I prefer to have to report to someone because otherwise, I tend to slack off.

But I need to find a solution for this because when I go to college (which would be sooner than I can comprehend), there’ll be no one behind my back, no one telling me to submit my assignments, most importantly, there will be no one telling me to do my work.

Living alone definitely has its pros and cons, but for people like me who need a bit of guidance and structure to work productively, the con of no rules can be a real challenge. However, if you’re like me setting some deadlines for yourself, getting someone to ask about your progress (aka being accountable) and creating a loose routine that works according to your energy levels throughout the day and channels it well could really help.

That’s all this time. I do realise it’s not a lot, or really informative but I believe it’s a nice reminder that everything has two sides to it and that the disadvantages can become the advantages (and vice versa).

Let me know if you’d like me to write on a specific topic 😀

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