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Lately, I’ve been doing more and more things out of my comfort zone.

Things like picking up my sister from school, getting groceries, running errands, riding a scooty, and going out with people other than my closest friends.

They seem like mundane tasks with nothing special about them; truthfully speaking, they aren’t anything special.

Almost all of them are one-person jobs and involving another doesn’t make sense.

It’s just that I find them out of my comfort zone because I’m neither used to nor comfortable being alone.

Does the world seem scary? Yes. But is it truly that scary? No. 

Your mind genuinely plays tricks  on you and makes things seem worse than they are.

But’s not your fault.

Over the years, as a result of evolution we’ve been wired that way. When faced with danger, like a lion in caveman times, all we knew was fight or flight (although there’s freeze, fawn, flop too).

But our danger isn’t a lion anymore.

It’s your teacher, your job, your colleague, your partner, it could be anything or anyone that stresses you out.

All you need to overcome this useful yet faulty response, is to get out of your head. Not saying it’d be easy, cause it probably won’t be. Your brain will tempt you to avoid it, and it’ll feel agonizing but know that all of that agony isn’t happening to you. It’s an illusion created by your mind.

Just know that you can do it. Once you power through the illusions and temptations you’ll know that the world isn’t out to get you.

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