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For the unversed, at the beginning of this June, my younger sister had taken some baking classes. (tbh even I’m surprised by the number of things I’ve learnt because she took those classes 😂😂)

Like the enthusiastic baker she is, she frequently bakes cakes which I get to eat.

A few days back she made a cake for our relatives visiting the city which received much appreciation from them. Upon conveying the same to her teacher, one specific thing that her teacher said got to me.

She said that what made her happiest was the fact that Siya (my younger sister) learnt baking and was actually practicing because of which the skills came to her much quicker than most people.

This got me, my mom and my dad pondering over something all of us in the family (well of course except Siya, cause yk the younger sibling’s always adopted) are culprits of – accumulating knowledge but barely applying it.

All three of us are ever ready to learn something new, and are enthusiastic about learning it but when it comes to putting it to use, we aren’t the first ones in the queue.

If you’re anything like us, I urge you to not make the same mistakes as us. A small action is worth a million ideas. After all, ideas are nothing until implemented.

Only after we take action do we realise what works and what doesn’t. As Tallulah Bankhead says in her autobiography, “If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”

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