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Have you ever gone shoe shopping because your old ones are getting worn out and you need new ones asap?

You go to the store and the shopkeeper shows you pairs after pairs. They’re all okay but nothing too special. 

You decide to quit the hunt and almost go with the average shoes.

As you’re about to leave, something catches your eye. You walk back and it’s the most beautiful pair you’ve ever seen. It feels like they’re calling your name. They’re the shoes of your dreams. It’s love at first sight 😍😍

It’s a no-brainer they belong to you and you leave the store satisfied.

These shoes represent what we should be aiming for in life. We should go for the things that make our heart skip a beat. The things that make us say “hell yeah!”

When you’re trying to decide whether you should do something or not, just take a moment to determine if it’s a ‘Hell yeah’.

If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a no.

This concept was given by Derek Sivers and explains the importance of saying no to the average and going for what excites you.

While we understand that sometimes we need to say no to opportunities, this helps us in determining which opportunities to go for and which ones don’t need our attention. 

There are too many things in today’s world that scream for our attention but that doesn’t mean every one of them deserves it.

This simple phrase can be your guide in making decisions is almost all aspects of life – things, people, opportunities, relationships.

Don’t get things that make you say hell yeah, that spark joy in you.

Don’t hangout with people that make you excited to be with them, that’ll only drain you.

Don’t do things that are just a ‘meh’, that don’t bring a smile on your face. (Not speaking for the things we have to do)

Life is too short to settle for the average and not go for the things you absolutely love.

What are the things in your life that make you say ‘Hell Yeah’?

P. S. This article by Mark Manson is another perspective on the Hell Yeah rule.

P. P. S. The shoe shopping example was inspired by my own experience with getting new shoes last week 😅

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